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Leigh G. Fishleigh

Barrister & Solicitor

my personal commitment is to work towards your best interests.


About Leigh

I have been a Barrister before the Criminal Courts for over 25 years with extensive trial experience. Over the same years I have also developed significant experience before the Tribunals and the Divisional Court of Appeal representing campgrounds and trailer parks. The main issue that I deal with for trailer park owners is whether or not the Residential Tenancies Act applies to their park.

Born and raised in Toronto, I worked in the Greater Toronto area for five years, then settled in small town Fergus for a family friendly life style. I have an Economics Degree from McGill University in Montreal (1983) and a Law Degree from University of Western Ontario in London (1989). I am also an environmentalist, musician, traveller and an outdoor recreation enthusiast.

My Practices


Of Criminal Charges


For Trailer Parks, Resorts & Campgrounds

Civil Law

Dispute Resolution & Collections

Defence of Criminal Charges

Since the beginning of my practice in 1991 I have been interested in courtroom presentations and procedures which directed me towards a criminal law practice. In almost all cases with my help the consequences of criminal charges are significantly reduced. As an experienced criminal lawyer, who understands and respects the court process, I feel confident in my ability to help you.

Trailer Park, Resort & Campground Representation

To date I have represented over 40 Ontario campground and trailer parks before the Tribunals; successfully arguing that the Residential Tenancies Act does not apply to their park. How the Residential Tenancies Act applies to a particular trailer park, has become a complex factual and legal question that has evolved over the past 20 years. Some of my Tribunal wins that kept the Act from applying to the park were then appealed to the Divisional Court by the trailer and cabin owners. The majority of the Appeal Court decisions maintained that the Residential Tenancies Act did not apply to the park in question. These Divisional Court appeals involved as many as 9 different Judges from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

Over the years I have dealt with many different trailer park and campground legal issues in addition to the above such as:

  1. How to deal with abandoned trailers and personal property left at the park or campsite.
  2. How to evict persons and trailers from the park in the event of an unresolvable dispute.
  3. How to handle other legal disputes with trailer owners and the park as efficiently as possible.

Civil Law & Collections

I have over 25 years of dispute resolution experience both issuing and defending claims. I also have a strong background in collections of monies loaned, or for goods and services provided but not paid for. My services have been retained by banks, small businesses, and especially not-for-profit government organizations. This work is done in a cost effective manner. Every effort is made to act in the best interests of the clients’ financial concerns.

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